Handprinted - Part II

March 22, 2013

 Here are my four handprinted fat quarters ready to post for Leslie Keating's handprinted fabric swap.
 This first piece is a dot painting using the end of a paint brush on white cotton base cloth.
The second piece is a rabbit playdough cutter potato print on cotton sand coloured basecloth.  Blogged here.
The third piece is a dot print using a 'magnadoodle' magnet.  I brushed the paint onto the magnet - you can see the strokes.
My last piece is a peg painting.  It reminds me a bit of Rashida Coleman Hale's washi fabric.
I was excited to try the textile medium pictured above.  I found it at Spotlight and combined it with acrylic paint to create fabric paint.  All my handprinted pieces have been washed since printing and the paints have come up really well.  The textile medium means you can make up any colour you wish.  You mix it a ratio of two parts paint to one part medium, so it goes a long way.  It was $13 per bottle which is a lot more economical than buying a small pot of fabric paint at $9 a pot.

My next installment of the Hanprinted fabric swap will be showing you what I received...I will be eagerly checking the mail box over the next couple of weeks!

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  1. They look great! I agree - the peg print reminds me of washi too!

  2. These look gorgeous! Makes me want to go and get some fabric paint !!

  3. What a gorgeous collection of hand printed fabric. Your swap partner is very lucky.

  4. wow, they all look wonderful!i especially love the peg one.so bold and colourful!

  5. They are all beautiful and very fun how you made them! :) Can't wait to see which one I get ;)

  6. Brilliant! Looks like heaps of fun!
    Have a lovely weekend.....

  7. I'm definitely going to try this. I have a spotlight nearby so will be heading down there soon....


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