December Secret Squirrel...

December 01, 2013

Blink. It's December.  It's time to reveal who Secret Squirrel visited last month after leaving Victoria's home in England with these five acorns..

Where the wild things are; Blue; David Bowie; Pocket; United Kingdom.

Secret Squirrel had a long voyage this time, and travelled to somewhere a bit warmer than the darkening days of the English Autumn.  Would you like to find out who he visited this month?  Here is a sneak peak of the next blogger's creation...


I can't wait to have a better look HERE!  If you would like to see and maybe host the first Secret Squirrel adventure for 2014, make sure you leave a comment on this blogger's post to let her know.

Also, make sure you come back her a bit later for the first post in The 12 Days of Christmas sewing series!!

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  1. Yay...I'm so glad Jenya is the next stop. She has a great blog!

    1. Thanks Teresa! Ibhar become a big fan of Jenya.. She lives a couple of hours away from me:)

  2. Thank you ladies :) Secret Squirel is my favourite challenge and I have had SO MUCH FUN it is almost illegal :)

  3. So fun!!! I've comment on Jenya's blog... Would love for the Squirrel to make a trip to Hong Kong!! Emily

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