The Fifth Day of Christmas: Frances Suzanne

December 05, 2013

Today is The Fifth Day of Christmas...Five Golden Rings!!! We all know that line.  And most of you probably also know my next guests...the fun and creative sisters, Emily and Ashley, who blog at Frances Suzanne.  It took me a while to realise their blog had two authors and that they actually sew for their two nieces...who are both adorable:)  Frances Suzanne hosts the very popular and fun Flip this pattern sewing series which runs for a whole year - such a lot of work they put in and their sewing is always beautiful!  They sew along with their series each month too.  Check out this gorgeous sunki dress. Ashley and Emily are keen to support their online sewing community and regularly sew along with other series too.  They always join in with Project Run and Play.  I loved their candy inspired outfit and one of their signature style outfits.  Over to Ashley and Emily...
What a delight to 'virtually travel' halfway around the world to share a Christmas creation with Sewpony readers today!! Thank you, Suz and Laura for inviting us to be a part of the "12 Days of Christmas" tour!
While deciding what to sew for this series and for our nieces' Christmas attire, our minds turned to our holiday traditions from long ago. Particularly, finding the perfect Christmas tree. You see, when we were younger, we had a tradition of going on a family the woods....finding a tree....cutting it down....and dragging it back to the truck to take home to decorate. Yes: the woods. Not a "Christmas Tree Farm." Think: wide open space! 

So, we wanted to tie in "Christmas trees" somewhere on our niece's outfit. 

We also opted to not go with the 'traditional color scheme' 
that are typically seen during this time of year.

Instead, we chose to sew using a more winter color scheme of white, gray/silver, and mint blue. Both girls' outfits used these colors, but today we'll just focus on EA's outfit.

We combined the Oliver and S Hopscotch Skirt and Knit Top with the Oliver and S Playtime Leggings - modifying the skirt slightly to make it more 'seasonally appropriate.' We LOVE this pattern, yet hadn't sewn it to date. So, what better time than now to try it out??

Beginning with the knit top, we used a white knit and attached a painted bias band around the neckline - matching the same color scheme painted on the white leggings.

For the skirt, we sewed it in gray corduroy and accented it with mint colored buttons down the front placket. The 'take-out' pockets are the eye-catching piece to the pattern, and what initially sold us on purchasing the pattern

Using the pattern lines given, we separated the pocket into three pieces - creating a white Christmas tree within the pocket. We also added silver ornaments on each tree, as well as a white stump to the base of the pockets. 

Simple, yet classic! Or so we'd like to think..... 

As for the painted Playtime Leggings?? We used a diet coke bottle cap and pencil erasers as pattern pieces. While painting isn't our strength, we are working at bettering ourselves at it!! Details are important to us.....and this technique is just another way to get those details in the garments sewn!
As for CL's outfit?? Well, she'll have a day of her own - over at Frances Suzanne - next Monday! We'd love for you to stop by, see her outfit, and if you like what you see.....stay for a while!

Thanks once again to Suz and Laura for giving us this opportunity to share with you! It's been a blast!! 

We look forward to seeing more inspirational holiday sewing, as well as hearing about the wonderful traditions our friends have around the globe!
Thank you Ashley and Emily!  I have this pattern set and can't wait to try it out when my sewing pile is wittled down a little!  We always have a real tree, but I am afraid we buy it from the local scout hall - at least the money is being put to good use!!  I love the silver baubles on your tree pockets!
Pop over to Craftstorming today to see what the lovely Marta from Do Guincho has made...I can't wait!
On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

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  1. I LOVE the little blue details! In fact I love it all. I'm going to have to look into that pattern - it's one of the few O+S patterns I don't own! Great job! x

  2. Awr - so cute. Love the Christmas tree details on the pockets :-)

  3. What an adorable outfit. I love the colour scheme you've used and the pocket detail is perfect. Thanks for joining the series!

  4. Super cute! I already wanted this pattern for a long time, but now I'm sure I just need to buy it. Off to Oliver & S!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love the skirt and its details!

  7. Such a cute yet practical outfit. Love the painted leggings!

  8. Ahhhh PERFECT! I love a holiday skirt (or any garment) that is not too much holiday in your face. That tree pocket is simply perfect. Love love love it! And the little one in white on your childhood photo must the the Mom to your Niece in the other photos, right?? They are practically identical!! wow.

  9. Flipping a great pattern is difficult but you nailed it!
    Love the all outfit but those Christmas trees are something special!

  10. You had me at gray, corduroy and mint! Such a great combo and I love all the special touches.

  11. That little touch of mint just does it for me!!!! Really nice and just perfect... Bottle caps? Seriously? That's so cool!!!


  12. It's been so much fun sharing with the SewPony readers today!! And, yes, Mie {and others}....that would be EA's momma in the white coat. It's funny because we think the younger niece, CL, looks even more like "Sister Momma" in her younger years. There's no denying the lineage though :)....

  13. I love the colour scheme and the cute little tree pockets!

  14. Oh that pocket detail is adorable. What a sweet outfit.


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