Kid's Clothes Week - Days Four & Five

April 26, 2013

Here is my next piece for Kid's Clothes Week.  I have had my eye on this pattern since I pinned it a couple of months ago.  I was browsing through the collection of Burda pattern magazines at my local library, when, to my delight, I found the dress pattern.  You can buy it from Burda online here.

I made this dress for Issie in the 110cm size (she is about 105cm).  I'm glad I didn't go smaller as it is quite a short little dress.  The fabric is a Japanese jersey I bought at Spotlight.  I used my stretch needle and had no problem with loopy, skipped stitches. I actually didn't bother over-locking, since jersey does not fray.

I love this dress for many reasons.  It was relatively easy to make, will be very comfy to wear, can be worn with tights and a long sleeved tops or as a lighter summery dress, and last, but not does not need ironing!! Gotta love that.

I will definitely be making this dress again.

Project details:
Pattern - Flouncy Dress by Burda
Materials - Japanese jersey
Cost - $15
Time taken - 1.5 hours



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  1. Super Cute! I'm all for clothes that don't need ironing.;)

  2. Great dress! Looks really comfy - knits are great like that. I'm getting more confident at working with them, I'm still a cotton girl at heart :)

  3. Lovely dress, so versatile too!


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