Kid's Clothes Week - Days Six & Seven

April 28, 2013

The last garment I made for Kid's Clothes Week is a dress I made for my niece Lucy's 7th birthday.  I used my (free) Perennial Dress pattern.  The dress is made from a soft grey pinwale corduroy.  The contrast fabric is Far Far Away (III) by Heather Ross.  You can find it here.  The sleeves and pockets are edged with miniature pom-pom trim.

Lucy is a slight little girl and is pretty much the same size as Isabella.  Isabella gave Lucy her present yesterday and she loved it! 

You can see other versions of my Perennial dress here.

By the way, thanks to my friend Ros from Sew Delicious, Belle and Boo contacted me asking if they could feature Emily's jacket on their website to show off their gorgeous fabric.  Yay! Thanks Ros!!

I've had lots of fun sewing this week and have some more sewing ideas swimming around in my head for the next couple of weeks!

Project details:
Pattern - The Perennial Dress by me!
Materials -  Soft grey cord and Heather Ross Far Far Away (III)
Cost - approximately $12
Time taken - 1.5 hours

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  1. Oh gorgeous! That Heather Ross print is perfect!

  2. Just gorgeous - especially the ruffle sleeves :) I'd love to know where you found the cord - I've been looking everywhere for that shade and can't find it!

    1. Thankyou. I bought the cord here in Australia- from spotlight:)

  3. Beautiful dress and your daughter is so beautiful too! Thanks for the link and enabling me to buy more fabric.

  4. This is such a beautiful little dress, love the grey and yellow together. :)

  5. What a fantastic dress! And I love everything you've made for KCW - gorgeousness galore!

  6. I love the accents of Heather Ross fabric and the mini pom poms... so yummy!!! A beautiful dress for a beautiful little lady!

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