Hooray for Spring....and a sneak peak at my upcoming dress pattern

September 06, 2013

Today I am joining in with an Australian/New Zealand based 'blog hop' hosted by Jane from LilPip and Cass from CassCanSew.  You can read all about it here
Cass can sew and Lil Pip Designs Spring has Sprung
'Spring has sprung' has run all this week and finishes on Sunday - featuring two bloggers a day who are posting anything and everything related to Spring!! (see bottom of post for more details). There are also lots of prizes going on too...so make sure to have a look at Jane's blog at LilPip for details.
Well, spring happens to be my favourite season.  It has so many things going for it...This is why I love Spring:
- goodbye to winter rain and cold days inside
- starting to plant out our vegie patch
- spring blooms
- outdoor play
- lighter evenings
- the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly cut grass
- usually lovely weather...not too hot!
- my birthday is nestled in there somewhere!
The only I don't enjoy about Spring is my yearly dose of hayfever!!
So for this blog hop, I decided to share a dress I made recently.  It is a pattern I am working on, the second I hope to add to my etsy shop, sewpony vintage in the coming months (current work on the pattern is on hold due to me taking part in Project Run & Play...yay!!).  I am tossing up between developing this pattern next or another one I am working on...will post more about that soon!
Anyway, I think this version of the dress is totally spring - and Juliette trying her hardest to make wishes on the dandelions made this photoshoot even moreso:). Sorry the colours in these pics are not great - the dress was really reflective!!!
This is the best of the full length pics I got of Juliette - a typical Aussie backyard backdrop...lots of grass (currently a barren vegie patch in the background), homemade compost bin, gum tree and a slightly rusted hills hoist washing line!! 
This version of the dress features:
- Small capped sleeves (I think I will make them smaller than on this dress)
- V-bodice (lined)
- Gathered skirt with central seam
- Rectangular pockets (I may change these to rounded pockets...haven't decided yet!)
- Button closure at back
- Piped detail (gotta love a bit of piping!!)
- Deep hem
There will be five sleeve options to make this an all season dress. 
1. Capped (seen here),
2. short puffed sleeve,
3. long sleeved with slight gather at shoulder seam and wrist (I have started the long sleeved version in a super soft velveteen for Emily... I better get it finished quick before it gets too warm here!!,
4. sleeveless
5. and an altered squared off bodice to accommodate straps. 
Being an Australian blogger staring out designing patterns  (with a  predominantly international reader base), I am challenged to think of designs that will appeal to those in the northern and southern hemispheres.  My first pattern is sleeveless but lends itself to heavier fabrics so can be worn over long sleeves and with tights (as my girls did this winter). 
The fabric I used here is a thrifted vintage bed sheet - I think it is very fitting for this spring theme!!  If you follow sewpony on facebook, you may recognise it from here!  I used store bought yellow bias binding to cover piping cord for the detail around the sleeves, bodice seam and pockets.  I could not find buttons in the right shade of yellow to match the piping.  So I decided to make my own!! I used fimo.

So what do you think of my dress?  I would love to hear your feedback.

And for more Spring inspired posts, make sure you check out these Aussie/NZ blogs taking part in the 'Spring has Sprung' blog hop...
PS.   If you would like to see what I have made for my first sewing challenge for Project Run & Play, make sure to pop back next Tuesday/Wednesday to see my Oliver & S Popover dress remix.  I would love some more Southern Hemispherean support:)))


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  1. The dress is so sweet - perfect choice of fabric for spring! I really must get back into the habit of thrifting for lovely old sheets. The dress looks great! Looking forward to seeing more of your planned options :)

  2. So sweet! I adore the fabric too... very fitting for spring :-)
    Thanks so much for taking part in the series xx

  3. Love the dress and love that you are designing for our Aus/NZ seasons! Everything seems to be topsy turvey in most blogs as our seasons are always the opposite!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I love the sleeves and yoke it is the perfect balance of vintage inspired adorableness and modern wearable fun :)
    Bonnie MS

  5. I love the new dress!
    It reflects your style so well (which I love): vintage yet modern enough to wear on a daily basis.

  6. Cute, cute, cute!!! :-)
    Have a great weekend.....

  7. Love your new pattern! If you need a tester: you know where to find me. :)

  8. Happy Spring, Suz! Love the new dress!

  9. A new pattern... So exciting! Looks really sweet!

  10. Oh I love this! I just sewed the Oliver and S sundress using a vintage sheet. This dress is so pretty! Can't wait to see what you make for PRandPlay!

  11. Thanks April! I love vintage sheets!! My popover remix dress is alldone an photographed.. Can't wait to show it off:))

  12. I am loving these spring related posts :) I am so excited about the sunshine, lots of play outdoors, saying goodbye to winter gear :) Love this time of year.

    The new dress is lovely :) it has a real vintage feel about it :) Looking forward to reading more about it :)

  13. The dress is so lovely. I love the lines of it and am delighted to read that it can have long sleeves. Where I live in the US (Maine), summer ended quick and we already need long sleeves.

  14. I really love it! Can't wait to see (and try!) the other sleeve options.
    Since we're heading for autumn over here, long sleeves will be great!
    If you would need someone to test that version for you... ?!

  15. Thanks leentje. Will let you know when I need testers:))

  16. I think that v shaped bodice is adorable. Curved pockets would be a cute contrast to the sharp v. I can't wait to see what you come up with for project run and play. :)


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