November Secret Squirrel!!

November 01, 2013

I feel like I say the same thing at the first of each month, but I am going to say it again...time is really flying.  It is now November and you know that means that next month is December and then it's 2014!! Too much!  Anyway, it's time to reveal who Secret Squirrel visited this month after leaving Amy's place at Amos El in Connecticut with these five fun acorns...

1. Polka dots; 2. Pumpkin spiced latte; 3. Clock; 4. The Princess Bride; 5. Watercolours
So far Secret Squirrel has travelled from....
Straightgrain in Belgium to -  sewpony in Australia to - Suburbia Soup in San Diego to - I seamstressed Missouri to - Amos El in Connecticut.
Want to know where he has been hanging out for the last month and to see who he has inspired with the acorns Amy passed on?  Here is a sneak peak.....

Click HERE to have a look!!  And make sure you leave a comment on this lovely bloggers post if you would like to be the December Secret Squirrel host!!!

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