April 09, 2020

This week while staying home, I wallpapered the girls' bedroom!  About six weeks ago I received an email from Annie from Photowall, a beautiful wallpaper/wall mural and print company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I clicked on the link to the Photowall website and was instantly impressed by the beautiful designs in wallpaper and prints.  It's no secret that I LOVE wallpaper and have already wallpapered three walls in the house.  Annie very kindly offered to supply me with some wallpaper of my choosing to hang in our home.  

We live in a big family home and the girls have moved rooms several times.  They have consistently slept in the same room since they were old enough to sleep in a bed.  They have trialled separation to have their independence, but have always come back together. Since the virus took over everyone's lives, we transformed their bedroom into a classroom (since it is the biggest of the bedrooms), which meant they moved into the room opposite which we swiftly set up to be homely and inviting.  So Annie's offer came at a perfect time!  We are home and this was the perfect addition to help the girls love their new room even more! 

While they will eventually move into separate rooms, this room will become Isabella's room so I let her help me decide on which wallpaper we would choose.  I spent a good hour or so trawling over all the options until my eyes hurt.  So many beautiful ones to choose from!! I narrowed it down to around five and Issie chose this one.  We decided it was neutral enough to grow with her and knew we wouldn't get sick of it.  It's called HAPPY FOREST - GREY.  There are other colourways of the same and similar design which you can see here.  I was also smitten with the multi coloured pastel print but felt it would be better suited to younger children. This design will match any colours we add into the decor and we all love it!

Hanging the wallpaper ran very smoothly.  Unlike other wallpaper I have hung, this wallpaper came in one continuous roll but was printed specifically for the dimensions I provided.  The wallpaper was printed in nine panels with cutting lines and numbering which meant matching the print was simple as it all lined up from the top of each panel.  I would advise to make sure you over estimate your length and width by around 10cm to allow for uneven walls and so you can trim a little at the top and bottom instead of lining it straight up to the cornice and down to the skirting board. I nearly ran into trouble with a crooked wall and my measurements being too exact.  But thankfully it all turned out in the end!  The wallpaper was sent very promptly and came with a sachet of wallpaper glue which made up half a large bucket of glue and was more than enough.  

All up, the process took me around three hours on a Saturday evening while the girls ate dinner and watched a movie with their Dad.  They kept coming in to check on me and review the progress.  Lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' proceeded and they are over the moon with the final look and all want the bed up against the wallpaper!!  They've named some of the birds too!

The supplies/process I used to hang the wallpaper were as follows: My husband (a builder), helped me find the left hand straight edge by using a laser and a level; I used a greylead and my long sewing ruler to mark the vertical  line to work to; I used a bucket and kitchen whisk to mix the glue; I used regular scissors to cut the wallpaper along the dotted lines; I used a paint brush to apply the glue while spreading the wallpaper out in my tiled hallway; I fixed the wallpaper to the wall with clean hands and a lightly damp cloth to spread and wipe any glue away.  The next day, I used a stanley knife to trim the excess wallpaper at the wall corners and along the skirting board.  The installation instructions are all included with the package from Photowall.

Photowall have kindly also offered sewpony readers a 25% discount on any order placed during April with the code: sewpony25.  How good is that!! A perfect way to brighten up a room in your home without having to leave the house at all!  

Thank you Annie and all the staff at Photowall for this beautiful wallpaper!! We all love it!
PS.  All the quilts and toys in the girls' bedroom are made by me over the years.

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