How to make...A pram liner

April 15, 2011

I have finally managed to post another sewing tutorial and to finish my second pram liner to complete the set for our double pram (Juliette is only 11 months old so it's only 11 months late!).  This is a good 'beginner' project for people learning to sew that also incorporates some technical elements (button holes and bias edging).  So here it is...


- Approximately 40 cm (depending on width of your pram seat) of three fabrics - outer layer, inner layer and under layer;
- Approximately 1.5 metres of 20mm width bias binding

1.  You will need to take some measurements of your pram insert. You need the overall 'length' of your pram liner and the width.  The length is calculated by adding the seat height to the seat depth.  You will also need to measure the position of the upper straps (there are two pair on my pram) and the bottom seat strap, as these will require button holes to allow the straps through.

2.  Cut three layers of fabric in a rounded rectangle according to your measurements.  The three layers I have used are a printed curtain fabric for the outside (something durable is good), a polar fleece inner layer and a spotted cotton under layer.

3.  Pin the three layers together with the right sides of the outer and under layer facing outwards (the polar fleece will be sandwiched in between).

4.  Mark the position for the button holes with taylor's chalk.  Using a ruler, also chalk lines for top stitching or 'quilting' the liner.  I stitched a centre line which runs vertically and four horizonal lines divided between the length of the liner.

5.  Get your sewing machine ready.  Set stitch length to a long stitch as it is sewing through three layers.  It is also a good idea to lessen the foot pressure (check your manual on how to do this).  This will allow the layers to move more freely as they are being sewn.  Top stitch across the chalked lines and remove pins.

6.  Set machine for button hole stitching and use button hole foot.  Sew button holes.  These will be long button holes to allow for straps.  I went over mine twice to make them stronger.

7.  Folding button hole seams in half, cut centre to allow scissors to snip length of each hole.

8.  Open up the bias binding and sew along fold - allowing 1 cm from liner edge.  Sew around perimeter of liner and overlap binding where the ends meet.

9.  Turn liner over and fold binding over to reach the seam you have just sewn.  Keeping the edge of the binding lined up with this seam, sew approximately 1 mm in from this seam around the perimeter of the binding.

10.  Press your liner and you are all done!!


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  1. the liners look gorgeous! i'm amazed at how clean your pram is. ours go so mouldy and yucky in our climate, even when they get a regular scrubbing. have a lovely weekend.


  2. I have a phil and ted too, mine could have done with these about 2 years ago ;-) now its a mess. Now thekids like to walk every where.
    This is very handy i think i'll make one for my Brother's New baby...

  3. Love the pram liner! So simple yet so smart! I have to tip the pram out everyday because of the stones/'treasures' that my little girl collects then forgets about. Plus my pram is plain black so it might be nice to have a lovely colourful liner! Eyeing up my fabric stash as we speak...:)

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